Dow chemicals

Water is an important ingredient in industrial production. For use, source water (well water, river water, sea water, ...) undergoes treatment processes to remove impurities such as dissolved solids, suspended solids, microorganisms, etc. for factory use.

Impurities in water will cause scale problems in boiler system, cooling system, RO system. In addition to pretreatment solutions, Chemizol introduces to customers the specialized line of Acumer chemicals from Dow chemicals.

For boilers and cooling towers

    • Acumer 1100, Acumer 2000, Acumer 2100, Acumer 4200: inhibit and disperse calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, silica, iron and suspended scale scale.

For RO . system

    • Acumer 4035 and Acumer 4450: inhibit and disperse calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, magnesium silicate, iron and suspended scale. Especially do not contain phosphate.

For the system of sugar condensers

    • Acumer 1050, Acumer 1051: calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate and calcium sulphate.

To calculate the dose, please provide Chemizol with information about input water quality, system capacity, recovery, etc.

Details please contact:

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